Earthly Civics: a Scenario Building Board Game 

The Tonawanda Industrial Zone and its responsible polluters have, over the course of multiple decades of industrial activity, brought about a full-fledged invasion of the land, water, and air via depositing an excess amount of volatile materials and wastes. Our team engaged in intensive research into the NRG Huntley site, the Tonawanda Coke Brownfield site, and the adjacent superfund sites to better understand the volatile terrestrial conditions these polluters had left behind. Simultaneously, we rigorously studied the political and power systems involved in the remediation of these conditions. 


If you are an educator who would like to share the game with your students, please contact us for information on requesting play runs.

As a result of this research, our apparatus manifests itself as Earthly Civics: a complex board game that emulates the Brownfields and Superfund Remediation Programs through enabling unique Investigation, Remediation and even Development scenarios throughout the Tonawanda Industrial Zone. Earthly Civics takes a critical standpoint toward the political power relationships between the developers, governmental agencies and the community while simultaneously serving as an educational tool concerning the specificities of the investigative, remediation and development processes.